Meet Our Project

Recognised by Unesco, Waldorf/Steiner schools worldwide like us are governed by a series of values which emphasise the healthy development of the child in all its fullness, attending to its body, its spirit and mind.

The Waldorf/Steiner method and practice of teaching (Pedagogy) views the human being on all levels and is totally complete because it is a pedagogy of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Of yesterday because it is a pedagogy with over 100 years experience in working with the changes and needs of children at every stage and place, and it is consolidated in many countries around the world.

It is a pedagogy of tomorrow to come, constantly innovating. And it is a pedagogy of today because it focuses on the child in each moment of his/her developmental stage, giving the child the tools he/she needs to continue to grow in and towards freedom.

We have in hand a wonderful project with a long history of 15 years, that is already bearing fruit. We have a plot of land belonging to the Association of parents and teachers who participate actively in the functioning of the project.

In order to be able to form a Waldorf/Steiner Primary School we now need to create a building on this land, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education. We have the support of the Town Hall, the Education Council, and the technical design plans have been drawn up by the architect Pedro Bel, internationally recognised expert in Bio-Construction, respecting the natural aspect of the land as well as its essential functioning within the Waldorf/Steiner pedagogy.

We have before us a project as ambitious as it is beautiful.

Through this crowdfunding campaign we need to raise the funds to make this building a reality

You have the opportunity to form part of this beautiful and inspiring project.

Through your generous donations a legacy will be created which will enable many children to have the opportunity to grow and develop fully as human beings, to create a fairer, kinder, more respectful world.

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If you have any doubt, please contact us! We will be really kind of chat with you.